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Section 8 Welcome
Security Deposit $800.00
Pets Welcome $50.00 Monthly
Tenant Pays All Utilities

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All houses/units listed are currently available.
We will not take a hold unless you’ve physically viewed the property. To physically view a property you must have an approved application.

Is there a cost to apply?
Yes, there is a non refundable $40.00 fee per applicant. Anyone living in the house who is 18 or older is required to fill out an application.
At the end of your application, you'll have the option to pay with your credit / debit card, or e-check. If none of these options are available to you, feel free to bring a money order into our office. We can not process your application if it hasn’t been paid for.

What if I like more than 1 house that’s listed?
You only need to submit one application, this application can be transferred to other available properties.

How long till I know if I’m approved?
Normally Applications take 3 - 4 days to process, the screening can extend that time. Keep in mind that filling out the application completely and uploading the correct documents will help to speed the process up significantly (include emails for current landlord and employer).

What happens after I apply?
You will be emailed as to whether you are approved or not. If you are approved you will need to call our office and set up an appointment to view the property.

What documents or information will I need to submit my application?
- Social Security Number
- Current address
- Personal Email & Phone Number
- References
- Driver license / ID number
pdf of image to upload
- Rental History
email address and phone number for your current landlord
current rental ledger
- Employment History
email address and phone number for your current employer
2 months of printed pay stubs, screenshots are not accepted

What will I need to qualify?
- Income: You will need to show proof that you make 3 times the rent.
- Rental History: No judgment or evictions within the past 3 years, along with a positive landlord references and on time payment history.
- Credit History: No open accounts with past landlords, no bankruptcy, no debits to utility companies, and no vehicle repossessions within the last 3 years.

*Certain Restrictions Apply.
*Listings are subject to change without notice.
*If denied you must wait 3 months to reapply.


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