Rental Application
10400 Whittier Ave. 10400-1 10400-1


You are applying to 10400 Whittier Ave. 10400-1 10400-1.

Your application will be reviewed upon submission. If you are selected to move forward with the application process, we will reach out to you and request payment of $175.00 which can be paid via credit card or ACH. Please see the breakdown of the $175.00 charge below.

$45 Non-Refundable Screening Fee.
This goes towards running your information in our screening program.
$130 Refundable Hold Fee.
This is refundable only if we are unable to fully approve you for the property you applied for. If you are approved, this amount gets applied towards your lease administration fee at time of lease signing.

Please note that no payment is due until we have reviewed your application and contacted you.

Please provide an email address below so we can send you a link to resume this application later if you need to pause for any reason.